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Intuitive Nature Foundations Course

Self Study from the Comfort of Your Own Home

In the Intuitive Nature Foundations Course, learn meditation practices to connect with yourself as spirit, increase your intuitive awareness, flow your energy for awakening your Soul wisdom, and focus your life force for creation.

Play with Your Spirit, and the Rest will Flow.

With more and more programs and systems being pushed as the magic pill or the “right” way, tuning into your own answers is more important than ever. As a Soul who has lived many lifetimes, you have so much wisdom within for creating the life  you want. When you’re operating from your own intuition as a foundation, you’re able to stay true to what you came here for in this lifetime.

What’s Presented in this 4 Module Self Study Course:


module 1: video lessons + Overview Booklet

Go beyond what you think and connect with yourself as a Divine being who has chosen to be here on Earth at this time in history.


module 2: video lessons + Overview Booklet

Find the sanctuary inside of yourself where you have the power to be the neutral observer witnessing energy all around.


module 3: video lessons + Overview Booklet

Awaken your intuitive abilities and clear your spiritual centers as you allow your life force to flow freely at your pace.


module 4: video lessons + Overview Booklet

Create with more ease and grace as you intentionally set your energy, direct your attention and guide your life force.

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.

Lao Tzu

The information shared in this course is not a means to an end. Instead this course is a means to a beginning. It guides you to go within yourself deeper than ever before. From that fresh place, your light shines brighter, and the possibilities expand.

A Note from Intuitive Nature Foundations Course Teacher Jennah Synnestvedt

As someone who had no idea that I was intuitive until I took an Energy Awareness course in 2008, I whole heartedly invite you to explore your intuitive nature in this course where I share an expression of foundational meditation practices that have led me to discover who I am today. I know that if your heart is calling you to say yes to this course, then it will be a wonderful way to open doors in your Soul and come home to yourself more fully.

Being intuitive for yourself is totally natural. It is a birth right actually. The fact that we’re on Earth with each other is also natural, and this is why sometimes others reflect back to you what you already know deep down. All of your intuitive answers are always inside of you even if you hide, cover your eyes, stick your fingers in your ears, or numb out your feelings.

The Intuitive Nature Foundations Course is simply a reflection and a reminder for you. You already know it all, but you might have lost touch with some of your information. You also might have a different perspective than some of what’s shared in the course which is great too because that also shows you something about yourself. Even as I share specific practices to try for yourself, my approach is not to tell you how but to invite and guide you to shine your inner light on your wisdom within for well-being.

What People Are Saying

The first video I watched brought me to tears remembering. Thank you for your dedication, compassion, presence, and bright light.
Jennah is an extremely passionate, professional and organized leader. She offers a very strong, focused yet spacious container which aides in her students abilities to find their own truth and creativity.

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